Security Audits and Security Management Plans




Beaware Solutions consultants have qualifications in Security and Risk Management and licensed under State laws. They each have over 20 years experience in law and security fields. We use the Australian Standards Handbook 167 and the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge promoted through the Risk Management Institution of Australasia to provide a structured framework in assessing buildings, assets, processes and people – key elements of every client’s needs.
Beaware Solutions provides a comprehensive approach to security assessments, including the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. We don’t concentrate solely on CCTV or alarms, locks or grilles, we look at the whole built environment and procedures associated within that environment. We look at external factors that can have an impact on any building and its occupants. We also look at how external factors that can have an impact on the building, business continuity and any required recovery process. Amongst many other items and systems we look at lighting, landscaping, traffic management, paths, parking, access, usage, contractor and employee management, emergency equipment, and opportunities for improvement. Whilst other consultants concentrate on physical aspects, we go beyond the expected.
We can assess your existing CCTV for effectiveness and make an independent report regarding areas for improvement. We can also project manage any tendering process to ensure that technical specifications and locations are met.


Beaware Solutions, through qualifications, experience and legislated requirements, have developed an interactive training program in the following fields:

Fire: First Response including the use of fire fighting equipment, Emergency Planning Committee training, Warden and Chief Warden training, bomb threat procedures, evacuation procedures, recovery procedures.

Safety: safety induction, workplace safety.

Security: security induction; personal threat; conflict resolution; cyber threats, bullying and sexual harassment.

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